Our floating home away from home

2017-02-07We left the small Amazon town of Leticia to start are adventure at our new hotel which is right on the Amazon River. It is actually a floating structure which rises and falls with the seasons. It floats on huge balsa wood tree trunks. 

After an down payment of 1,000,000 pecos we we directed to a small wooden boat for the short ride to Kurupira Cabanas Flotante, or Floating Cabins. We were greeted by the smiling faces of Nancy, the cook, and Feliz, the care taker. We immediately fell in love with the place. 

A few hours later we realized that there was absolutely no where to walk. Da!, it was truly a floating structure with no firm land. 

After we settled in and took the self guided tour (10 minutes later) Feli came over and offered to take us on a boat tour. Shyly he said we would have to pay 20,000 pesos. About $7 US. I said that that sounded too little, he smiled and we were soon off. 
What an incredible tour is was. He knew every type of tree and what fruit it had or medicine it contained. Then we spotted pink dolphins, fished for awhile. Even though we didn’t catch anything with our lines a fish just jumped in our boat. We screamed like little girls as we thought it to be a piraña. It wasn’t! Then we spotted a double rainbow which filled the sky. Later, as it was getting dark, we watched as thousand of noisy birds came home to rest for the night. 

And this was just our first day living in the Amazon jungle.

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