Second day brings new surprises

2017-02-08Back at home I couldn’t imagine how it could get and better, but the next day began with our official tour. A tour boat arrived at 8 am to take us to Maharasha, an eco village in the jungle. 

Our boat pulled over to a flooded piece of land and we were to to get out and walk for about an hour. I was happy that Feliz had loaned us a pair of rubber boots. Kim was a little less happy as hers had a big hole in one. Slowly we sloshed along through the jungle in two foot high water as our guide Nikoli pointed out ant trails and spiders and fruits and medicine. 

Arriving at Maharasha we were told we had 4 hours to enjoy the place on our own. We kayaked, went fishing, spotted birds, swam in a pool filled with Amazon water and ate a typical meal. 

Probably the highlight was when a large caiman approached the walkway and they decided to feed him with what looked like a slab of ribs on a string. He quickly snapped it up. Later we found a family of pacas? They looked like giant rodents. We petted them and fed them bananas. Wow, it doesn’t get any better than this, or does it?

4 responses to “Second day brings new surprises

  1. Is Kim blogging too, or are you blogging for both of you? Love the picture of the fish in the boat with the guy taking a picture 🙂

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