Calm skies and clear water 

Playa Blanca, Baru, ColombiA

Hotel Donde Le Le

This morning we awoke to clear sky’s and calm seas. I am also happy to report that my foot feels 90% better. 

What a lovely lovely morning!

We had a nice long slow swim, rinsed off with a bucket of almost fresh water and sat on our deck to watch the world go by. 

We watched them unload plywood while we ate arepas

We packed up our things to go off to have breakfast. We found a great place, with tables and chairs right on the beach. Unfortunetly, it was almost 2 hours to get our meals. Unbeknownst to us, we had ordered arepas, like a thick corn pancake, which have to be made from scratch. By then it was after 10, and already getting hot, so we jumped in the water again, dried off in the sun and headed out to the private beach where the rich Colombians hang out. We ordered a great lunch and it was only about $20. It was worth it for the ambiance alone. The lounge chairs were pretty nice too. 

Kim enjoying the amenities of a nice hotel.

A beautiful beach just for the rich folks.

Back at our place we rinsed off with a bucket of cool fresh water then layed down for well deserved rest. 

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