Playa Blanca the name says it all 

Playa Blanca, Baru, Colombia

Hotel Donde Le Le

Well we finally made it to the Caribbean blue waters. How beautiful it is. After the brown water of Cartagena, it was refreshing to see the aqua blue water and white sandy beach. 

We did have a bit of a adventure getting here, but in the end, being here was all that mattered. 

A little sun never hurt anyone, right?

We walked along the shore, but the sun was so hot that soon we jumped in the water. Much to my surprise the sandy bottom was littered with large rocks. On the way coming back to shore a wave washed me into one, and I felt a sharp pain in my foot. At first I thought that it was just a sharp rock, but after I saw the small black dots on my foot I knew that it was a sea urchin. Ouch! It really hurt to walk on it. Soon a local boy came over and told me I must pee on it and the pain would go away. I will leave It to your imagination, but I must say it is feeling better. 

Ouch sea urchins hurt, but not as much as the cure.

Our hotel sits right on the beach

Our hotel sits right on the beach, just feet from the water. As the sun set we walked up the beach and had nice nice taco dinner and a local beer. 

Our first sunset on Playa Blanca

I think that we will stay here a while. 

7 responses to “Playa Blanca the name says it all 

  1. What did your personal nurse traveling with you have to say about your “pee” treatment??????????

    Glad it’s feeling better.


    • Not only did she agree to it she had to do it as it was in such a difficult location that I could not reach! Later we thought that I could have used a cup, but it too late the deed was done.

  2. Location, location, location! Perfect place for a hotel. Ew… Ouch on the foot. Ah well, you know what they say..adventure in travel : )

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