In search of a new place. 

Isla Grande, Colombia

Hotel Eco Campo Verde
Today we were on a mission to find a new place. Somewhere on the beach and to find the town and buy some groceries, but first we decided to take a nice long swim and the dry off in the morning sunshine. 

What a great place for a swim.

After a bucket shower we had a nice breakfast and walked off to find our new home, but first there was this cute young couple from Chile that was attracted to Kim by her pink hair. We probably spent an hour talking to them. By then it was already getting late but we hit the partially shaded trails that ring this 3 mile island. 

Our place

Rich folks place, but at least we can have a beer.

We really only found one interesting place but we probably looked at 6. It was getting very hot so we skipped town and came home for well deserved rest in our hamacas. 

Kim poses at a fixer upper.

7 responses to “In search of a new place. 

    • No solid panel at that place. Just a car battery running one light bulb. You’ll be happy to know we have move up to a place
      On the water with solar during the day and generator at night. The swimming is fantastic. Your turn is coming soon.

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