Smart phones– Can’t live with them, and can’t live without them. 

Isla Grande, Colombia

Hotel La Cocotera

It’s amazing just how much we have all come to rely on our smart phones. Were we are staying there is no electricity. There is a light in the middle of the group hut, but it is run by a 12 volt car battery and only from 6 to 10 pm. 

There is a small tienda where they will charge your electronics for 1500 pecos (about 50 cents). I left my phone there for 3 hours and only got up to 21%. I also have an external battery pack which charged my phone up to 53%. 

Yesterday we went to where the rich people stay, and found on outlet and tried to charge our phone, but we had limited success. I think something has happened to our batteries so that they will not hold a charge. Bummer!

On this trip we decided to leave all paper books and magazines behind as well our iPads. It took some getting used to, but now with limited use we find ourselves just mostly staring off to the horizon as all of our books are also on on iPhones. 

On our walks I am so used to using GPS to find our location and direction that without it and without paper maps we are like children wandering in the desert. Fortunately the island is only 3 miles long so we can’t get too lost. Ok I’m staring to panic so I think I’ll have another rum punch. 

Kim standing in front of a a house along one of the paths

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