Peter goes on a photo walk on the island


Still on Isla Grande, Colombia

Hotel La Cocotera

Just another great view from the island.

This morning after our breakfast and swim and laying in the sun, Kim decided that she wanted to stay home and work on her…. well herself! So I took off on a walking/photography tour of the island. It was already hot, but many of the pathways were partially shaded so that helped. 

A great mural on the path to nowhere

I passed the only town and walked through a few small neighborhoods. I tried to hug the coast as best as I could. Then I came upon and abandoned resort. To me, this was the finest that I had seen, so it was very strange to have the whole place to myself. It was also a treat to be able to see what some very creative person had constructed. I wondered just what had happened to make someone abandon it?

Look at the detailed work in this abandoned hotel

Is this a master bedroom of your dreams, or just mine?

Afterward I headed back to our hotel where Kim was waiting for me with a very tasty lunch. 

Papayas are one of my favorite fruits.

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