The routine IS the message


Isla Grande, Colombia

Hotel La Cocotera

Kim framed in the entrance to Hotel La Cocotera

Finally our days are starting to take on a nice and easy routine. I arise at about 6 am. Make coffee using our electric plug-in water heater. Sit on the porch enjoying the morning coolness while sipping coffee and reading the headlines on my iPhone. The news has become ever so much more partisan that I am glad that I am away from it. At least for a while, as I know that when we return the fight will be huge to take back our country from the open hatred and bigotry and misogyny that seems to have consumed it. Breathe deeply I tell myself. You are still on vacation. 

There is Kim again on our porch no doubt answering some Facebook posting on the state of our nation

Breakfast in the open air restaurant followed by a exercise swim in the ocean. Afterwards it’s not too hard to lay in the tropical sun to dry off. Back to our cabana we talk about what we want to do with the rest of our day. Usually it’s not too much, and that is a good thing. 

There are beautiful murals everywhere you look

What a great mural for a restaurant? At least I think it’s a restaurant.

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