Reflections on a Colombian vacation

On the way to Houston airport

Kim relaxing before starting home

Just a quick photo of my lovely wife waiting for our flight to return to the USA. 

So how was our trip/ adventure/ vacation? In a word, one of our BEST! It seems like we have been gone longer than a month, and that’s a good thing. Each phase of our trip was like dream. 

Bogota was noisy and hectic, with crazy crazy traffic, but the murals and the Salt Cathedral were well worth the effort. 

Salt Cathedral was amazing

Then came the Amazon. For me a dream come true. I remember watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom as a kid and vowing that one day I would make it there. It was everything I hoped. 

The Amazon River. Can you believe it?

The real shocker for me was Cartagena. Normally I don’t like big cities, but there was something so romantic about it. I loved the outdoor cafes and just walking around the old city. 

Cartagena. The name says it all.

Next came Playa Blanca. It was a party island, but it also had its quiet beautiful moments. People filled the beach from 11am to 4pm. The hottest part of the day. They could have it. Kim and I enjoyed the rest of the day everyday. 

Playa Blanca

And last there was Isla Grande. As soon as we landed in this place we knew that we were going to run out our vacation there. At first we stayed a few days at a backpacker hostel. We really enjoyed it but it was inland and the beach is were it’s at for us. So we moved to Hotel La Cocotera and it was a little slice of heaven. 

One of our favorites. Isla Grande

A surprise for us was just how little Colombia had on common with Central America. It felt incredibly safe. Only once in the whole month was there a fellow up to no good. He lasted about 5 minutes before the street vendors chased him away from us–with a stick! 

I look forward to coming back to Colombia. Maybe even next year? 

¿Quién sabe?

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