A last walk around Cartagena


Cartagena, Colombia

Hotel Stil Cartagena (evening in Bogota airport)

Our last meal.

Last night we did our usual walk. A beer in the square, followed by a nice meal of cervicie and wine at a outdoor café. Then it was on to Mr. Cools for a hand made rum raisin gelato. I could do that every night. 

This morning after breakfast at our hotel, we decided to take one last walk around the city. This time instead of the “Old City”, when we stayed last time, we walked around Getsemani, an older neighborhood with an eclectic collection of backpacker hostels, funky restaurants and businesses looking to take advantage of the trendy atmosphere. There were interesting antique doors, and murals just about everywhere we walked. It’s not too hard to get a terrific photograph here. All you have to do is snap a photo, turn around, and snap another. 

All you had to do was take a photo–

Turn around and take another.

By 11 am it was too hot to be on the street so we headed back to our room. 

Let’s remember that everyone is not so fortunate!

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