It’s all about the Lighthouses!

Bullards Beach State Park


I know that it sounds silly, but I really came to the coast of Oregon with one purpose in mind, to photograph driftwood on the beach. It has been over 40 years since I have been here and that is the one memory that I have from my short time in Oregon. So it was a surprise to find so many interesting lighthouses.

Coquille River Lighthouse It right here in the Bullards Beach State Park. Reflection is really no more than a mud puddle.

And here is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. We took a tour of this one it was only $2!

See that tiny little light house in the distance. That’s Cape Arago Lighthouse. It is now in private ownership, and that’s as close as you can get to it.

Remember I said driftwood. There is no shortage of it. I think that I will have some fun getting down on the beach for some photo ops. I post some arty ones later.

10 responses to “It’s all about the Lighthouses!

  1. The driftwood is gorgeous. I can see why you’re drawn to it and can’t wait ii see you other shots. TV slideshow when you’re here on July. I’ll pop popcorn and supply popsicles.

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