Some Really Big Trees

Jeremiah Redwoods State Park, California


A few days ago we landed on the Oregon coast. Oh my, was it beautiful! We took a small detour to the California /Oregon border to visit the giant redwood trees.

You need a person in the photo to get a true idea of their size. Here Kim obliges.

The trees and the ferns were amazing.

This is spring on the coast, and the flowers were in full bloom.

We returned to our campsite just in time for the sunset.

In the morning we could see the full majesty of the Oregon coast.

Tomorrow we will head further north to see what surprises nature has in store for us.

7 responses to “Some Really Big Trees

  1. amazing photos! Been to OR so many times and have never made it to the coast (#stupidjob). Enjoy natures beauty! And keep the blogs and photos coming.

  2. You always manage to awaken the travel urge in me. Not that it’s ever far from the surface but you certainly feed the need. Keep the wonderful images coming!

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