What a fabulous day!

I startled my day in a nice comfy warm motel. I left early in the morning because I had heard that there was a white stone arch in the Escalante National Forest. Two glorious hours later I discovered I was on the wrong dirt road. An hour late I was on the right one standing in front of this huge arch. All alone, I fired up the drone. It wasn’t acting right, so I didn’t get the fabulous images I was imagining, but still it was a hell of a lot of fun.

After that I drove to Kodachrome State Park, and wouldn’t you know it they had one campsite left. What an incredible jewel this park is, and it lives up to its name EVERYWHERE you turn there is a photo op.

I was just kicking myself for not reserving another night when this huge very loud family pulled in 2 sites down. I love my headphones and music player.

Later I awoke a 3:30 am to a quiet campground and the Milky Way brilliant overhead. I drove off to a secluded dark spot and spent an hour photographing it. Then I checked off another item on my bucket list.

Photos will follow I promise.

Tomorrow it is down the famous scenic Hwy 12.

4 responses to “What a fabulous day!

  1. A drone. How fun. Can i play with it?
    Looks like a great time Pete!!! Can’t wait to see some more pics!!! ❤️😍😘

  2. Sounds awesome Peter! If you haven’t, try calibrating to aircraft compass. When you travel far or it gets jostled, they say that is a good thing to do.

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