What a fabulous trip

You know that they say, “That you don’t take a trip, a trip takes you.” Once you realize that and just lean back and enjoy the ride, The trip will begin to happen, and what a ride it has been.

My goal was to drive one of the prettiest highways in the country Hwy 12 in Utah. Check!

The other one was to visit Capital Reef National Park. I did that twice. Check!

This morning I was one of the first people in the park. I got to walk up a narrow canyon pass all alone for 3 1/2 hours before I saw another human being. What fun, just me and my camera.

Photos to follow.

Then I camped in one of the National Parks free camping areas. Once again it was just me with the closest light being well over a mile away. I got to fly my drone-photos to follow- and then, I got up at 3:30 am to photograph the Milky Way!

Check mate!

7 responses to “What a fabulous trip

  1. Yes, I bet the stars are magnificent. I remember those stars on hunting trips to Utah. Enjoy Bro. See you at the beer tasting contest.

  2. Peter,
    As always, beautiful photos. I know you said you can’t take a bad picture there but I bet most are not as good as yours. I’m so glad you had good weather and the best birthday ever! Safe travels home.
    John and Pinky

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