How about a few of my Photo Memories?

I am in Las Vegas. I took a huge walk this morning and photographed the city before there were many people on the streets. I am now back in my hotel with a little down time so I thought that I would post a few of my better shots/memories.

Here is one from Zion National Park

And here is one from Kodachrome State Park shot on a very cold, but clear night of the Milky Way.

These two photographs are from Escalante National Monument

This is from the Capital Reef National Park. Only a panorama could do it justice.

It was hard to take a bad photo on this trip so it was especially hard trying to select just a few. Hope that you enjoyed looking at them. It’s back to Texas in the morning 😂

11 responses to “How about a few of my Photo Memories?

  1. These are all such beautiful photographs, but the Milky Way just took my breath away. You need more time for making more of these!

  2. You went to Vegas???? Stop by the Lil white chapel??? Tip anyone???
    Seriously – your photos are stunning!!!

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