It’s my birthday!

Last night to celebrate my birthday my wife bought me tickets to see Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil at the Mandalay Casino. It was right next store. You can see it from my room at the Excalibur Casino. Giving myself plenty of time I thought that I would walk the 2 blocks. Well, Las Vegas is not a walk friendly place, but after 45 minutes of scaling fences and walking through parking garages I arrived with 15 minutes to spare.

My seat was in the 2nd to last row. It was a popular show, and Kim did just get the tickets yesterday. Here is what the stage looks like.

So I was a little apprehensive about being soo very high up in the nose bleed seats. Well I shouldn’t have, and I have to say it was the best performance that I have ever seen in my now 72 years! All I can say is WOW!

If you like loud, and I do mean loud music, bass like I have never heard before, than this I the show to see. I come from a family that have some very fine stereo systems, and they like to play their music very loud, but this was 10 times louder. The lights, oh my, they were something to see, and the special effect were genius.

Best Birthday ever!

10 responses to “It’s my birthday!

  1. A Very Happy Birthday Brother with our Love ❤️ your evening sounded like it was Wonderful! Good for you!

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