Cascades National Park


Sadly we had to leave Don and Laurie and head out to spend the remaining two weeks roaming around Washington.

We drove west for about two hours and found the perfect campsite at the Pearrygin State Park. The town of Winthrop, just about 5 miles from the park is built to look like an 1800’s town complete with wooden sidewalks and fake wooden facades, but also with gourmet coffee shops an bakeries. We had been planning to eat our breakfast out at he park looking out at the lake. That is until Kim spilled half a bottle of wine inside our minivan/ camper. After some pretty fast cleanup we decided to head to town for a hearty breakfast.

Afterwards we drove about an hour through the beautiful Cascade Mountains and came to rest at the stunning Colonial Creek Campground in the Cascades National Park. After a nice long walk along the lake, we settled into the back of our now Cabernet smelling home. What a great day!

5 responses to “Cascades National Park

  1. I certainly would not have a problem with a Cabernet scented room or sleep on a Cabernet scented pillow!
    And the scenery is gorgeous! 😍😘

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