Washington Ghost Towns

Curlew State Park, WA


Yesterday we visited 3 ghost towns that were along the Canadian border. The first, and the best was in Bodie. Nothing much was there except the ruins of an old mining town. Even thought it was right on the road so little traffic came through that we had the place all to ourselves.

Here is Don trying to get just the right angle

A slightly over processed image of one of the interiors. What fun!

Here is Kim taking a picture of me taking a picture.

From Bodie we drove on to the next ghost town called Molson. After Bodie we all felt that it was just a little too slick. We had a picnic lunch among the ruins and then drove on to the next ghost town called Nighthawk which was even less impressive. Even though we didn’t even get out of the car, we all agreed that the drive was stunning enough make us all happy as “pigs in ……. !”

Just one of the impressive views along the way.

Tomorrow we leave for the Cascade National park.

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