It’s Strange Living without the Internet!

Douglas Fir Campground, Washington


For most of the trip we have not had cell service, which is strange because we have had Sprint service in Canada, Colombia, and even in the Amazon! All of those questions that get so easily answered are just left blank. Like what’s the weather? When is my visa bill due? How’s my brother doing, or my brother-in-law? I wonder if that cat ever made it on top of the refrigerator. These are things we need to know. Come on Sprint, get it together.

As a side note, on our way down the mountain, Kim heard the familiar ding that meant “she had mail.” I quickly pulled over, and for a brief moment we stayed glued to our phones as all of life’s questions got answered!

On the plus side we are in a really magical place. Yesterday morning we drove up to Mount Baker. We had read that the view was spectacular, but all we found was a heavy thick fog that limited our visibility to a few hundred feet. Still there was mystical quality that made us whisper.

On the way up the mountain we visited the Nooksack Falls, and even in the dry season they did not disappoint.

Then, after we had returned from a damp and drizzly hike, I set off up stream. I thought that our little slice of heaven on the river was great, but it was even more spectacular up river.

Sitting around the blazing campfire, Kim and I agreed that it had indeed been a great day.

7 responses to “It’s Strange Living without the Internet!

  1. Love following you both on this trip. Peter, you are a really good photographer. Your photos make me feel like I am there. I realized I was hearing the sound of rushing water while viewing these.

  2. Glad to see all is good with you both😍. I absolutely think the waterfall picture is fabulous! Can’t wait to hear about your next step! Hugs and Loves 🤗🥰

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