What a Great Day!

Douglas Fir Campground


Yesterday we had a wonderful walk along the river. After about an hour walking we sat down to eat our breakfast. It was a particularly lovely spot with huge boulders in the middle of the river that made for some great river watching. And then we saw the first Nooksack salmon leaping in the air trying to make it up the waterfalls. Over the next hour we watched as only a few were actually able to make it up, but then many of those we swept to the side and over the falls where they would gather their strength to make another run at it. We had only seen this on TV so we were both throughly impressed.

I know that it is not a great shot, but look close at that beauty going for the gold!

Here is what the Tolkien looking forest looked like as we walked along the rivers edge.

After the walk, and a rest, we thought that we would make another run at Baker Mountain, which was last time completely covered in fog and clouds. Again we were lucky. It was cold, windy and drizzle but there it was in all its glory. Mount Shuksan however had it tip still shrouded in clouds.

Mount Baker in all it glory

Mount Shuksun with only the summit clouded over

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