It’s a Rainforest with a Beautiful Lake

Quinault Rainforest


This one is a lot different then the Hoh Rainforest. For one it is a lot drier, with less moss and more waterfalls.

Can you beat this 100 foot waterfall?

There is even a great looking walk through the moss covered maple trees.

Here is an old truck just begging to be photographed !

This old farmhouse is in the middle of the National Forest.

Before we arrived at the park we visited one of the Beaches–1,2,3 or maybe 4, I can’t remember but I love this image of Kim crawling around on the rocks.

Now it is back to the beach for 2 nights and then home.

7 responses to “It’s a Rainforest with a Beautiful Lake

  1. So glad you two are enjoying the beautiful rainforests. We too really enjoyed our trip there multi-years ago. Tell Kim she’s one helluva trooper! I love it.


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