Back to the Rainforest

Kalaloch Campground


We have been staying at the beachside campground called Kalaloch. For you all looking for it on the map is on the Olympic Peninsula just north of Beach 2, and just south of Beach 3. I haven’t figured out where the naming imagination came from, but they were probably, like ourselves just were cold and damp and didn’t give a damn.

A little framing trickery on lovely Ruby Beach

Beach 4 was all about the rocky shore

Ruby Beach and Beach 4 were our favorites. Today we head off for another round of Rainforest camping. This time in the Quinault Rain Forest. I don’t know what to expect, except maybe more rain, but everyone say that it is lovely!

7 responses to “Back to the Rainforest

  1. I have good photography friends that live up in that area. They have been in that park many times. I hope to go visit them some day. They live in Port Orchard which is across from Seattle.

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