A Pretty Good Start


Alpine, TX

This is just my second night and although I have not yet made it to Big Bend it has been a pretty good start.

Last night I camped at Amistad National Rec Area. There is a nice lake with a lot a sweet choices for camping. It was warm but very windy. Still I had a nice mellow start to my trip.

A really great sunset to welcome me on my first night.

The next morning it was like I had the entire Highway 90 to myself. It was clear sailing. I stopped at Seminole Canyon State Park were I had breakfast and a nice walk down into the canyon.

Further on I got the courage to fly my drone down another canyon. This one was all fenced off so I couldn’t get a good photo with out trespassing. I am not that good at flying. I have already sent it to the bottom of one river! Still I got in a couple of flights.

Me. Drone, I couldn’t have got this shot without you!

I finished up in Alpine Texas where I am in an RV park before heading out to Big Bend tomorrow morning.

11 responses to “A Pretty Good Start

  1. Good Morning. The picture the drone took was fabulous. I hope the rest of your trip is as smooth and safe. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗

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