Things are Getting Better

Big Bend National Park

Rio Grande Camp


Here is a pretty cool photo I shot between Alpine and Marathon Texas on the way to Big Bend.

They’re everywhere

I am so happy to be in one place for a while. Life is just mellow here. Although it froze last night, this afternoon turned out to be shorts weather. I am so glad that I didn’t wholly listen to the forecast and packed some warm weather cloths.

This morning I got up early, read and then walked over to the wildlife viewing area. I had the place to myself except for this preening heron.

The setting moon put on quite a show too.

Then I drove over to Boquillas Canyon where I also, once again, even though it’s Saturday, had the place to myself until about 10:30 when a few birders and photographers hiked in. Tourists started arriving shortly after that.

You knew that I HAD to put in a black and white image!

I then drove over to the Hot Springs, made lunch and then took another photo hike. Only by this time it was starting to get hot and after dragging on for a while I came back to the shade of my campsite.

I just love this image of a rock wall and the mountains that I shot at the Hot Springs.

Pretty good day and it’s only 5 pm!

9 responses to “Things are Getting Better

  1. How incredible to catch that heron preening and so close up!!! The rock wall and mountain like yup said is a cool combination. Are those squares some kind of wood water conveyance?
    Wish I was there with you!!

  2. Fantastic images Peter and as always your fun commentary. You’re getting me excited for my trip to Big Bend in early March. Nice to have your company as I fight a nasty flu while the North Atlantic storms batter the Irish coast.

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