20 degrees! Are you Kidding?

Big Bend National Park

Rio Grande Campground


After a very chilly start to the morning –where did that come from–I walked down to the wildlife viewing area and saw another fabulous grouping of animals and birds.

That’s 46 deg inside my van with the stove going.

Then I drove up to The Basin to take the famous Window Walk. There is a very narrow slot in the Chisos Mountains where the water pores-kind of a trickle at this point– over the edge and falls thousands of feet. I haven’t done the walk in a number of years so I guess that I was “mis-remembering” it as an easy walk. It was 7 miles and it took me 3 hours. Of course that included lots of photography, but still. Boy I must be getting old. Don’t answer that.

What you thought the Window was going to be in color?

There were a lot of beautiful rest stops

I finished up at the fancy lodge because I felt, after all that, I deserved a $20 cheeseburger and fries!

Another wonderful day, but I do hope that it is warmer tonight.

One response to “20 degrees! Are you Kidding?

  1. Come on, Peter, stop b_______ about the morning temperature! You do know that it is winter, right? You have a heater! People elsewhere are dealing with tornados and flooding across the country while you are enjoying all that sunshine! Admit it, you just favor warm to hot temperatures and wearing your shorts! Lol. My favorite pic from this post is your black and white image! Nicely done!

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