A Funny Story? You Decide

Big Bend National Park

Rio Grande Campground


A few days ago I hiked the famous Window Trail. Last time I hiked it was with Kim, my wife of 35 years, but before that, it had been over 40 years. So when my tired old body finally reached the bottom and could view out the “window” to the desert below, a lot of memories came flooding back to me.

No one was there when I arrived, so I sat down and began to daydream. Just then 3 old men came down and interrupted my solitude. Each of them was in somewhat worse shape than me and so I knew that they had struggled to get there, as had I.


Suddenly, and for no good reason, I asked them if there were any girls around. No, they said, that they were the only ones on the trail. So I said, “Because over 45 years ago I had sex on this very spot”, and I quickly added, “it was night and a full moon. “

To my delight they were not offended and even seemed to get a big kick out of it. One guy even said that, no he was not offended, and it had even given him a story to tell.

I got up, finished my photography, and with a smile, left them to their own thoughts.

If that story wan it your cup of tea how about a couple of desert photos of cactus to look at?

Happy trails my blog readers.

7 responses to “A Funny Story? You Decide

  1. Funny how that conversation never came up when we were sitting on those very rocks. But I know how we love those Love in the Dust events of our youth. You make me smile my dear one…keep enjoying yourself. Enjoy the time with Kim and Cheryl and then with Jack when he gets there. Photograph with those wild and crazy photographers

  2. 😂🤣😂! Talk about ice breaking conversations…”Hi, my name’s is Peter, let me tell you something personal…” You’re too funny. Nice photos!

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