It has been awhile since posting

Big Bend National Park

Study Butte Campground


It had been a while since I posted but there really is no connection in most of the park. Sometimes while walking or riding you will hear that familiar “ding” of you got mail, but it is fleeting and usually just a tease.

Before the girls left we went down to Santa Elena Canyon at night for some light painting photography. It didn’t turn out spectacular, but we sure had fun trying.

Light painting Santa Elena Canyon

The next morning I road my bicycle along the road to the canyon and got some wonderful shots along the way.

A spectacular sunrise

Then the following morning I got to the canyon before the sun came up. It’s always a magical time when the first light hits the canyon walls, so I tried my best to capture it. This time from a different point of view.

Another point of view of the canyon

And then again the next day I took my mountain bike out for a spin down the 4 wheel drive Riiver Road. My thanks to Dereck for giving me this fine off-road bike over 15 years ago. It has continued to amaze me. I still use it, and my back really appreciates it with every hard rock and rut we hit.

An epic bike ride….at least for me it was.

Another thanks goes out To my stepson Tony. The venison jerky, he made especially for me, gave me the energy I needed to finish the ride.

Yours truly was the main attraction. The owl came in a distant second.

There he is in all his majesty.

Later that afternoon there was an owl highup overhead in the cottonwood trees, as you can see, most of the campground pulled up chair, drank beers, and watched me photograph. If you are not hiking or biking there really is not much to do!

Now I am on my way to the Big Bend State Ranch State Park.

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