A Couple of Misc. Photos

Study Butte, Texas


Right now I am between the national park and the state park having a real breakfast at a funky truck stop. Before I leave here are a few miscellaneous photos that I have not published yet.

Don’t you just love the patterns in the dried mud?

Another view of Santa Elena and the Rio Grande River

The starburst really adds to this scene. No photoshop used

Thanks for looking at my photos. I may be out of communication for the next few day, or I might not?

6 responses to “A Couple of Misc. Photos

  1. Really nice shots, Peter. Big Bend is a really interesting place to spend some time. Are you still shooting the Sony.

  2. Hey Peter,

    As always you are inspirational with your sense of adventure and keen eye.

    Just watched a great episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown / series 12 – episode 5 Far West Texas.

    Includes a bit of Big Bend and the towns and culture surrounding it both Texan and Mexican. Highly recommended viewing!

    It all makes me tremendously excited for my trip in early March.

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