Big Bend State Ranch

Lower Madura Campground


I arrived yesterday afternoon and this couldn’t have been more what I was looking for! There are 12 primitive campsites without utilities and NO other campers. I have had the place to myself for 3 days. I have gone for walks and mountain bike rides. Discovered abandoned ranch houses, walked along the Rio Grande River AND surprise surprise they allow campfires here. There is a burn ban in effect for all of the surrounding counties but not in the State Ranch. So I had a wonderful fire on my first night that was cut short by a few desert sprinkles, which have only helped the 3 foot tall Big Bend bluebonnets start to grow. They are everywhere, but mostly along the roads. I wish that I could stay a week instead of 3 nights. I am sure that it will be a spectacular year for wildflowers.

The Big Bend bluebonnets are everywhere

A fire and a hardy meal. Can you beat it?

Last night I looked at the calendar and saw that the Milky Way would be visible from 5:30 am to 6:30. I told myself if I got up I would try to photograph it. Of course I got up at 5:25, looked at the temperature, and it was 35 degrees outside. Still a promise is a promise so I turned on my new heater, dressed warm and went outside. I think that the cold had scared away the clouds, because there was not a one in the sky. It is early on the season for the Milky Way, but I had great fun trying. When I was done a warm van and a cup of hot coffee was waiting.

A clear dark sky, and a shooting star too.

For my last day I drove down the road the to the hike/bike Contrabando Trail. It was hot and sunny with a cool breeze blowing. The views were stunning, but by the time I got back to camp I was so tuckered our that I laid down and took a nap. Don’t judge me!

That’s my campsite. Can you see the van in the bottom right?



  1. What a dream come true!! I’m so happy for you and wish I was sitting right next to you by the fire!!!! Wow thx Milky Way shot is badass.

    • It is a good life. The interesting thing is that I was able to use technology without the internet. Before I entered the park I downloaded books and movies and the Milky Way time and position so I didn’t have that constant “you got mail” or what did our president tweet again constantly pestering me. Very peaceful.

      Thanks, Peter Peter Florczak https://peterflorczak.wordpress.com (BLOG)


  2. The blue bonnets are stunning, and i would never judge you for taking a nap. Glad you found your happy place. Be safe my brother ❤️

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