Camera Club is Back Baby!

Still in Pipe Creek, TX

Last night we had a pretty successful meeting with the Greater San Antonio Camera Club.

At first we tried Google Hangouts which was a total disaster. This time we tried Zoom. At one point there were 11 members in attendance. There was a lot a laughter as us “old farts” struggled with this new way of holding a virtual meeting. Fortunately there was a 15 year old who managed to explain to a couple of the more technology challenged how to share their screens.

It’s a small miracle! That’s me second from left.

This Thursday we will hold a full meeting with all of the members. I think that we are ready, but still, just in case, wish us luck!

5 responses to “Camera Club is Back Baby!

  1. Good luck Peter et al! John got hooked up to Zoom via our daughter who seems to stay up on all this stuff. Our community is starting Zoom cocktail floor parties this week and he wanted to be ready! We’ll see how that goes.


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