The Ten Best Things to Come Out of the Corona-virus

Still in Pipe Creek, TX

  • Many/Most of the companies seem to be sensitive to helping out with reduced or free services.
  • People seem to be taking more time for conversations. Be it on the phone, or video chat.
  • Not having to rush through a project. We now have plenty of time to finish it, AND do it right.
  • Working from home means less time in the car, less polluting the planet, and more time for relaxing.
  • Curbside pickup ROCKS!
  • We now know that there is an APP for everything including getting to know your neighbors.
  • The leisure of starting a new hobby with time to actually learn it.
  • Being mindful of eating leftovers.
  • Grocery shortages equals more weight loss.
  • Less traffic sound. means louder bird songs.
  • As a side and personal note, I am happy to be working on some of my photography projects such as the picture below.
Just a little imaginary photo taken at Arches National Park

Please note that I am not trying to minimize anyone’s pain and suffering. This is partly an attempt at levity, and partly some points that we have found useful in dealing with our own, at this point, voluntary isolation.

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