There are birds everywhere

Feb. 9, 2015
Leaving Rinconcito Lodge today
Arriving at A Posada Rio Celestre, Parque National Volcan Tenorio


We have now been on several walks, and everywhere we go there are interesting birds. Now I am not pretending to be a birder, but I do know an outstanding looking bird when I see one. We weren't her 10 minutes before our manager pointed out a toucan perched on a tree not far from us. He was munching on some tastey tropical fruit. Along the way there were many others who just seemed to pose for photographs.

A beautiful toucan posing for me

Just another pretty songbird

Are you looking at me?

Blue Jay Costa Rica style

We then left the quiet seclusion of the La Vieja area, with it bad roads and cool climate to got to the even cooler area of the Parque National Volcan Tenoria. Before we left we looks at our option well, and decided to take the much safer southern route. Our hotel manager even hand drew us a map so we wouldn't get lost. Two ours later when we pulled over in a small town to get directions, we found that we had indeed takes the northern outer with it skinny red line on the map which indicated “rough road.” If we thought the roads we bad before we were in for a treat. The road leading up into the hills was a border line 4 wheel drive road. If it was the least wet it would have been. It was 10 kph all the way. The good thing I keep thinking was that we had 4 wheel drive. The bad part was that our tires were mostly bald.
The hotel was a big disappointment. We thought that the $60 per night that we had booked on line would have magnificent views. Instead we found ourselves in a dark damp room with a hard wooden bench out front that sat 12″ from a large bush. If the room was a disappointment the National Park was not. I woke up in the morning irritated with our choice, but hoping with all my heart to see a sloth. And wouldn't you know it, we were not in the park a half an hour when one was purchased on a branch just over head. And this time I had my telephoto lens.

There he was a two toes sloth.

All in all it was a pretty good day.



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