I love this place!

Feb. 13, 2015
Parque National Palo Verde

An iguana greeting our entrance




This site is by far my favorite place that we have visited in Costa Rica. There are indeed animals everywhere. Who would have thought it? When we drove into this hot and dusty Park, mostly on a whim, we were not that impressed with it. First of all, it is a long way down a bumpy gravel road. When we finally got to the entrance gate, the very friendly Tick lady told us that the boat trip we had hoped to take up the Rio Tempisque would cost $80 US for just a 2 hour trip, and the park did not sponsor it, she said with disdain. We were disappointed, but we reasoned that because of the late hour we should at the very least spend the night. We had been, after all traveling for 5 hours. That is a lot for us.

A capuchin monkey looking at ME


As soon as we entered the park, there were bands of capuchin monkeys playing all around the road right in front of our room. Then pezote after pezote crossed almost over our feet to get to the drinking trough of water.

The loud sound of of howler monkeys sinched the deal. We never wanted to leave this place. So we have been here for 3 nights now and are planning to spend 3 more The accommodations leaves a lot to be desired, but the wildlife more than makes up for it.

A spoonbill going over the swamp


I haven't even mentioned the birds. There is a part of the swamp that touches the dirt road where there are literally hundreds of thousands of birds in every shape and size and color. It was the first time on this trip that I had wished that I had brought my “big camera and lenses.” I am now traveling with a very nice and small, but sofisticated mirrorless Sony NEX 6 with two lens. A wide angle and a telephoto lens, which has maximum reach of 200 mm. A 500 mm would really be much nicer, but who would like to carry all that heavy gear? Not me I reasoned.–until now. Still, I must admit that I am getting some pretty terrific shots, don't you think?

Sunset on the swamp



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