One Last Hurrah for Grand Ol’ Tetons

Grand Tetons National Park

Colter Bay Campground


My friend Dick picked me up really early to explore a part of the park that we had not been to. Moose Wilson Road looked interesting on the map, and the fact that it had been closed down, because of bear sitings made it all the more intriguing. We had not driven too far when we saw the sky turn an amazing shade a red. We couldn't find a safe place to pull over so we just kinda stopped in the middle if the road, while we oh'ed and ah'ed and took pictures.

What an early morning greating!

On our way we spotted a couple of places that tourists had stopped to photograph a moose, but it looked like he was too far off to get a good shot. We assured ourselves that we would have a closer encounter on the lonely stretch of road. That quickly proved to not be the case as car after car passed up, probably just as discouraged as we were not to see any wildlife. Still the still life was amazing.

No moose, but a nice bronze statue of one.

We stopped at the National Wildlife Museum and took many photographs of the building and huge bronze animal sculptures that surrounded it.

The entrance to the museum

An the way back to camp we stopped at a favorite site called Schwabacher Road which was along a small river with many beaver dams. We got some very great shots with the clouds reflecting in the river.

Beaver dam and the Tetons


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