The third and maybe best day in the Amazon

Exhausted we returned home and slept like stones. The next day we loaded into a very full boat for another tour. First we went to a place to see colorful parrots who seems to love to pose with people. Their size made them a little intimidating, but they were quite tame. 

Next we looked at some gigantic Lilly pads. Our guide floated Kim’s camera on it just to show us how solid it was. I thought why doesn’t he use his cell phone, but said nothing. 

Off we went to our next location where they let us pose with all kinds of small animals. My favorite was the three toed sloth, which hugged us like a baby, but the boa was a close second. 

Again we were off to the the Island of Micos. An island filled with small monkeys who just loved to jump on all of the tourists. What a delight. They seemed to get a kick out of jumping from tourist to tourist. At times it got a little overwhelming, but everyone including the Micos monkeys seemed to have a good time. 

The trip home was less of a delight as I was squezed in by some very large over weight Colombian men. Nancy fed us a nice fish dinner, we looked at each other’s photos and then fell asleep with big smiles on our faces. 

9 responses to “The third and maybe best day in the Amazon

  1. Wow o wow!!! I just got yo see the last 3 of your posts and each day seemed to get more exciting. I can’t wait for the girls to wake up to show them the pictures!!! My heart melted with the sloth in moms arms!!!!!!!!! Love you both

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