Leaving the Amazon for Cartegena

Leticia, Colombia

Eco-Hotel, El Refugio de la Floresta 


Our hotel in Laticia

This was our last night in the Amazon. In a few hours our flight leaves for Cartegena. We had breakfast and walked down by the warf taking pictures along the way. Then we went to an ATM changed money and bought a new pair of underwear for me to sleep in. 

A busy day in downtown Laticia

We also stopped at a travel agent to compare prices with what we had paid, by booking online versus booking once we got here. I winds up that we would have saved hundreds of dollars, and had a lot more flexibility and adventure. Of course that is hindsight. If I came back, and I would love to do a month in just the Amazon, that is the way I would do it. It would be a long slow boats up river, and jumping on a tour when I needed to experience more. 

In the end I am really happy with what we did as it worked out perfectly. I wish that we were going to spend a lot more time here. I also feel much better prepared to return.

You can see the Amazon River in the distance. Cartagena here we come. 

4 responses to “Leaving the Amazon for Cartegena

  1. Cartegena… I always wanted to go there. 😫 Please bring me a piece of Cartena. I will have to watch Romancing the Stone today!

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