We are Romancing the Stone in Cartegena 

2017-01-12Cartegena, Columbia

Old Town 

El Viajero Hotel

The streets are alive in Cartegena

What a great place to have a cold one

If you like Romancing the Stone this is the place for you. Usually I don’t like large busy cities, but I am wiling to make an exception for this one. There is an old-time beauty everywhere you look. People are having a great time singing and dancing and eating and drinking at the many open air restaurants. Some right in front of ancient churches. 

We arrived last night and hit the streets. When we saw all the seats right on the square we just had to sit down and have a cold one. The people watching was extraordinary. The music was loud and had a nice Caribbean beat and everyone pulsed and swayed in time with it. 

The full moon was just setting when I got up this morning.

The streets were empty at 6 am.

Just Wow!

This place is not cheap, but it is not expensive either. This morning I got up with the sun and had the Old City to myself. What a treat! When I got back to the hotel Kim was sitting at a table and we both knew that two nights would not be enough. 

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