Equipment and software talk

Cartegena, Columbia

Old Town

El Viajero Hotel

To my photography friends I have to make a few notations, which are really in the form of excuses. 

Sony A6000 with 16-70 mm f4 lens

I am using a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. It is an older model, and very compact. There are now two newer models, but I am just too cheap to upgrade. Just as an aside, the A6500 lists for $1500. I paid $400 for mine. I did however purchase a new Sony Zeis 16-70 mm f4 lens for the trip. It was twice the price of my body, and about as heavy!

We are traveling light. If it doesn’t fit, it stays home.

On this trip Kim and I decided to travel light. So no laptop or even iPad. Just an iPhone. To get a picture from my camera to the iPhone is pretty convoluted. I have to wifi it from camera to phone, fix it up in Snapseed, a free photo editing program. At this point the photo is too large so I have to reduce it in a app called Photo Compress as it would be way too large to try to upload. 
WordPress, which is good enough to host my blog for free, has an app for the iPhone that is at best usable. I write the text in Simplenote, another app, and then paste it into WordPress. The compressed photos have to be then inserted. Whew!

I have never done this just using the small screen on my phone so all of this is new to me. Yes, there are plenty of mistakes and the quality of the photos is probably not the best, but I am so very thrilled that it works at all. 

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