Connie and Tim visit us in Cartegena


Cartegena, Columbia

Old Town

El Viajero Hotel

We just finished a lovely visit with a good friend of mine and her husband. Both are from Austin, Texas. How strange, and what a coincidence it was to hook up in such a far away place as Cartagena. 

We had beers in the plaza

Watched the sun set on the city wall


We walked together all around town, drank beer on the plaza, had gelatos, and then we went up on the wall that surrounds the city and watched the sun set. Afterwards we went to the Plaza Bolivar and watched a dance troup salza on the park. 

Dancers in the plaza. What a treat!

Then, just as they were about to board a bus for Santa Martha they pulled out their musical instruments and serenaded us in the sitting room of our hotel. 

Before they left they sang a few songs for us

I’ll tell you it doesn’t get much better than this. I wish them well on the rest of their journey through Colombia. 

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