It’s Valentines Day in Cartagena

Cartagena, Columbia

Old Town

El Viajero Hotel

Cheers to us on Valentines Day

Love is in the air! We are in one of the most romantic cities in the world on Valentines Day. 

We have just had a wonderful time here. Last night we sat in the plaza with the romantically lit church looming over us just feet away. We had a couple of overpriced beers, but it was well worth the $8000 pecos ($2.75 US) to sit in such a magnificently beautiful place. Later we walked over and had a Colombian pizza and then walked on to have a hand made gelato for dessert. It was really delicious, but just the show was worth the price. 

Making gelato. I hope the guy glaring it me is not a drug cartel guy!

This morning we got up early and took a romantic stroll along the ancient fortress wall that separates the city from the sea.

The protecting stone wall runs around the “Old City”

 The sun had been up for a while, so it was already starting to take a toll on us. The waves were crashing onto the sidewalk so we had to protect our cameras. Then we came upon a bunch of fisherman who were pulling in a gigantic net full of fish. We stopped and took pictures until the net was pulled in. It looked like a pretty meager catch. 

Later we strolled on inland and had a nice breakfast. 

 We finished the day with a trip back to the main plaza for a beer and meat and corn on a stick. Wow what a great Valentines Day with a wonderful friend. 

Great view of the square from inside the cathedral

2 responses to “It’s Valentines Day in Cartagena

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you two Sweethearts! Seems like you’re having a great time. I’d skip the beer and go straight for the gelato. But that’s just me!!!


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