What a diffence a day makes

Isla Grande, Colombia

Hotel La Cocotera

Kim enjoying a refreshing cocktail at our new digs.

We upscaled and moved into some new digs. We have decided to stop traveling. I know that it sounds like a big decision, but it really wasn’t for us. Look I had my week in the Amazon. We spent time in Bogota and Cartagena. Now it’s just time to sit and relax and stare out to sea. 

So we will be here on Isla Grande for the next 6 days. 

We have moved over to Hotel La Cocotera which is right on the beach. It’s not the rich people’s beach , but it’s not the poor people’s beach either. It’s just right. 

Here are a couple of random photographs from our stay on Isla Grande. 

Just a beautiful old old tree

Our new friend followed us from the old hotel

An eerie part of the many paths that ring the island

This one is especially for my brother and brother in law. On Sunday you could hear the Afro-Cuban beat over half the island

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