We are Sleeping just Fine

Mora State Park, WA


Some have been asking just how we are sleeping in our rented Dodge Caravan. Just fine, thanks for asking. It is a simple arrangement but one that have proven to work quite well. At night we have 6 1/2 feet to stretch out in and in the morning we move things around a bit so that we have a back rest. The food is all accessible from the rear. Mostly we are outside except when it rains–which it does quite often.

Kim reading in the back of the van

Our kitchen away from home

I am just lucky to have found a wonderful women who can enjoy the excitement of travel, and mostly ignore some of it challenges.

We are now on the Olympic Peninsula. The weather have turned into a mix of sunny skies followed by rain. We have just started our journey but already it is quite beautiful.

Taking the car ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula .

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