I Really like this Travel Thing!

Mora Campground

Olympia National Park


We just had a wonderful day yesterday of, well, just wandering around. You could just say it was a wanderful day! There is no real sunrise on the west coast so we took our time getting really and made our way to the beach.

That’s some big saw blade art.

We brought breakfast there so we just sat on a huge log, ate and stared at all of the beauty that surrounded us.

After a long walk on the beach photographing all of the artful pieces of driftwood we made our way to the little town of Forks for some groceries and lunch.

Afterwards we drove down to the other end of the beach and repeated the process.

We then walked down to the docks and while I was photographing the boats, Kim met a woman who’s boat had a dentist chair inside. She and her husband took yearly trips ( for almost 50 years) to Alaska to help fix teeth for those who might not otherwise have access to the services.

Kim talking to the dentist boat lady.

Back at home we collected all of the empty campsites unused logs and had a roaring fire complete with rum and hot chocolate.

However, all is not perfect in paradise as it had been raining all night and into the morning.

4 responses to “I Really like this Travel Thing!

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented before. Don’t get to see much on my phone or iPad. We have been out of town with really bad service. Looks like you and Kim are having a wonderful time and getting some great pictures.

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