Hoh Rain Forest

Olympic National Park

Hoh Rainforest Campground


Do you know what it mostly does in a rainforest? Bingo! We had a short walk in the rain, past the Tolkienesque moss draped trees. It was beautiful but after an hour of constant rain we beat it back to our campsite where we are sitting in the van, eating and reading. Not too bad.

Kim posing under a rain soaked tree

Even in the rain it just doesn’t look quite real. Kinda Tolkeinesque!

Our hope was that it stops raining long enough for us to walk one of the other longer trails, but by nightfall it had been a pretty steady rain. Maybe tomorrow?

Tomorrow appeared and showed us partly sunny, partly foggy skies. Perfect!

Is that blue skies I see?

After hearing that there was 100% chance of rain that next night and all of the next day we made the easy decision to head to the sunny beach.

A lovely warm beach at Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsular

Sorry for reposting but we have not had cell service for most of the trip. We had roaming on but Sprint said that we used it too much so the took it away from us till mid October! So we are 1/2 mile off the road in the Rainforest and go figure we have Sprint LTE!

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