Now this is a Perfect Campsite

Douglas Fir Campground


We almost didn’t come to this campsite, but Kim insisted that after site seeing all day we travel the extra 1 1/2 hour trip up toward Baker Mountain in north western Washington. In this case I was the “Nelly Negative”. “It’s going to be too late! Too crowded! To far! I wined on and on, but Kim was resolute.

Our site is right on the rushing Nooksak River.

Lucky us, as this is one of the most perfect campsites that we have been in so far. It has every thing. Towering Douglas firs, a raging river, and very, very few campers.

We are even getting the hang of comfortably sleeping in the back of the rented Dodge Caravan. Each night we are more and more comfortable, and with two weeks to go, believe me when I say that that is a good thing.

9 responses to “Now this is a Perfect Campsite

  1. I’m enjoying following your journey in the PNW and loved to see that you even did a few popovers into Canada! We miss you. Have you gotten the smell of cabernet out of the bedding yet? lol

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